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Welcome to the anonymous social debate we like to call Spraffl…

The Spraffl App is available for free from the iOS App Store (soon to follow on Android)

What’s Spraffl?

Spraffl is a smartphone app that removes the “self” from the social media equation and creates an anonymous hyper-local network.  So in simple terms, Spraffl provides us with an instant connection to the people around us without having to be friends with them on any of the other social networks.

So, if you’re sat in a bar, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be connected to many folk in the same bar on Facebook or Twitter. The Spraffl app allows you to post geo-tagged content to the bar’s location that anyone in the bar (or folk nearby) can read and comment on.  As you wouldn’t drink in a bar with a name badge stuck to your chest itemising your interests, we believe the same right to privacy should also apply in an online environment.  By removing all identity from the content within Spraffl, our new network becomes all about the ‘what’ and ‘where’ and we forget the ‘who’.  We believe an interesting social network is all about: decent content.

As Spraffl is group moderated, it comes down to the people reading the content to decide what’s offensive or not.  Users who continue to post content that is flagged up as offensive or abusive will soon find themselves locked out of the app.  But we’re happy to say that most people

We’re thrilled that so far Spraffl is being used in lots of positive ways and a close-knit anonymous community is already forming in places around the world.

You might be interested to read more about our vision for the concept here

Time to give it a go?

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